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Gemeinsam können wir neue Lösungen und Ansätze finden, die niemand allein entdecken könnte. Und mehr erreichen, als wir je für möglich gehalten hätten. Zusammen.

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"We create a vision into unexpected soulful experience.
Together, we can find new solutions and approaches that we wouldn't be able to discover on our own, and achieve more than we ever thought possible. We believe in the soulful power of storytelling, brand aesthetics, and strategic touch-points to ignite conversations that create meaningful connections and drive business success."

Die SOUL Creative Agency wurde von dem Visionär Arkadiusz Zawislewski gegründet. Er besitzt die Leidenschaft, etwas mehr als nur eine gewöhnliche Agentur zu schaffen.

Er wollte einen Ort schaffen, an dem Kreativität und achtsames Handeln Menschen zusammenbringt und einen positiven Einfluss auf die Welt ausübt.

Central to her philosophy was a belief in the power of human relationships and a deep understanding that the most effective and impactful work is rooted in people's needs, thoughts, desires, dreams and hopes.

We call this a belief in a human soul, and it has helped us develop countless campaigns and initiatives that resonate with people around the world. By putting people at the centre and listening to their stories, we are able to create work that is not only truthful and valuable, but also inspiring and impactful.


The lemniscate, also known as the lying eight, is a symbol of our position statement for all people of good will: whoever is in love is in God. It represents the global connection we share with those who are committed to humanity and the integrity of creation. We believe that creativity and thoughtful actions, along with a deep respect for human connection, can lead to spectacular things. Our commitment is to bring together the most talented and passionate individuals who share our vision and create work that makes a positive impact in people's lives.